“MIP’s materials are guiding our executive team in shaping our strategy. I’m highly impressed with the unique framing of the information, which differs from our usual perspectives.”
Japanese Automobile OEM
“Your working groups are excellent, and we have found them very valuable. Your insights were counterintuitive but useful for us. We get questions from our investors about these topics every day, and we’re able to answer them thanks to MIP.”
Global Financial Services Firm
“The working group has effectively sparked internal discussions and has significantly accelerated our product launch timelines.”
European Automobile OEM
“Very professional and very remarkable. The way you take general feedback and hone it into an investment thesis is truly quite remarkable.”
Global Transportation Infrastructure Operator
“The insights from the working group have enabled us to save millions of dollars.”
Japanese Automobile OEM
“We’ve found the working group experience to be invaluable. Among several similar initiatives we’ve participated in, this is unquestionably the best.”
Global Mining Corporation
“Your analysis, which set the stage for building investment theses, is very powerful. We have not seen anything quite like MIP”
Global Tire Manufacturer
“As a public entity, the working groups have been instrumental in shaping the policies we’re considering to stimulate industry and guide the city’s direction. Your insights have been invaluable in our grant applications and in refining our city-wide propositions.”
U.S. City Government
“The working group was exceptionally well-managed. Each session I attended offered valuable insights and introduced novel perspectives on battery reuse that we hadn’t considered. As a result, we are now more aggressively pursuing battery reuse strategies.”
Asian Government Agency