We Help Our Investors Navigate Disruption

“Your working groups are excellent, and we have found them very valuable. Your insights were counterintuitive but useful for us. We get questions from our investors about these topics every day, and we’re able to answer them thanks to MIP.”
Global Financial Services Firm

Empowering Portfolio Companies

We help our portfolio companies align their core strategy to the changing mobility landscape and de-risk innovation in the sector. Our 360 degree intelligence enables us to better understand opportunities for our portfolio companies. And we maintain dedicated teams to connect dots between our investors and portfolio companies to propel top line growth.

Delivering Outsized Returns

We hunt in packs, which de-risks our dealmaking through a better understanding of product-market fit and market potential. We bring revenues and strategic growth to our portfolio companies, making MIP a preferred investor. We drive maximum growth during our holding period, and then provide a clear path toward strategic and financial exits.

Our Impact

MIP is deeply committed to addressing the significant challenges posed by the transportation mobility sector, notably its environmental and societal impacts. Recognizing the transportation sector’s potential to decarbonize how people and things move, reduce inequalities, and improve health and safety, MIP is strategically positioned to invest in transformative solutions.

We integrate rigorous ESG and Impact considerations throughout our investment process, aligning with global standards such as the International Finance Corporation’s principles. Our approach includes thorough due diligence, strategic impact objectives, and transparent reporting, all while championing the United Nations Sustainable Development goals.